Virgin Active Collaboration.


Collaboration proposal

Danni Health and Virgin Active.

The Proposal



DNA test and feedback sessions for Virgin Active clients.


Collab Proposal

  • Danni would do DNA tests and online feedback sessions to members of Virgin Active across South Africa.

  • As a pilot program Danni would like to start with 5 Virgin Active's anywhere in the country. 

  • If the pilot program is a success she wants to gradually increase the exposure to other gyms around the country.

  • Virgin would market the DNA test on their website, APP and in store.

  • Virgin Active would achieve a pre agreed percentage of the DNA packs sold.



Benefit for Virgin Active.

  • Healthier members

  • Members having better knowledge of their own bodies.

  • Assist members in knowing what kind of training is best suited to them according to their DNA (strength, cardio etc).

  • More motivated members

  • Financial upside for Virgin Active.

I wish I had the opportunity to have done this DNA test and feedback session when Danni when I played professional rugby, with this knowledge i have now i would have done things way different at the time. The feedback blew my mind.

AJ Venter - Ex Springbok Rugby Player.