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Danni's career in numbers.


Personalised DNA feedback sessions done.

20 000

Hours of coaching through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle interventions.


Pro-athletes guided to reach peak nutrition performance potential.

18 000

In-hospital patients assisted for chronic diseases of lifestyle.


Business elite’s coached towards a healthier lifestyle.



Bronwyn Desplace

Danni assisted me over the past two years with working through my personalized eating plans. As a busy mom I needed ideas and help to ensure I was keeping myself healthy, prioritizing my eating and nutrient supplements. Her professionalism and ability to include all aspects of one’s wellness and needs into a well thought out discussion is world class! She has a unique perspective, and spending time with Danni will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle anything.


Debbie Lewis

As a gym owner, fitness trainer and athlete, healthy eating plays a huge role in assisting people to reach their wellness goals. My go to referral for my clients is always Danielle. I have personally been guided by Danni and can highly recommend her. What I love is that you get information on an eating plan and not a diet. Danielle also has awesome tips and recipes to share.


Candice Botha

Danni is the perfect mix. She is incredibly professional, hugely knowledgeable and so very approachable. She makes you feel comfortable in her space, which promotes open communication. She sees the individual needs of her clients and is able to take a personalized approach, taking into account your own unique goals, preferences, and lifestyle when developing a plan for you. I would choose Danni for nutritional advice every time!

Tonderai Shavanga_edited.jpg

Tondi Chavanga
International Sportsman

I would recommend Danny as a dietician to anyone that is looking at using diet as a catalyst for high performance or generally living a healthy lifestyle.

Her dietary recommendations are tasty, healthy and fun - you won’t be eating grass all day

ANgela Hill.jpg

Angela Hill - Olympic Athlete

You have definitely changed my life and helped me make these small life changes that have impacted me in every different area of my life.

STEFAN KINGS PARK STADIUM STAIRS H Cleland c 2019 (38 of 97) (2)_edited.jpg

Stefan Terblanche
International Sportsman

Ever since my rugby playing days Danielle helped and guided me on the nutritional side maintaining the perfect balance between gaining good muscle mass and maintaining an athletic look while moving without any pain. I have no doubt that if you follow Danielle’s eating and nutritional plan you will achieve your goals in the short term but more importantly gain valuable building blocks along the way to lead a long , healthy life.

Hilton Loring_edited.jpg

Hilton Lorring - CEO

When I met Danielle I was looking to see how could I perform better, I was early 50’s and doing a lot correct already.

Today the world is fact based, with watches that tell us every movement. Adding a clear understanding of what works for me,  and ensuring the approach taken to your own personal health is scientific and fact based, measuring your performance and adjusting as your daily stresses and goals change,  just makes sense. It worked for me, what great results. Thank you Danielle for ensuring I’m the best version of myself I can be.

Craig Burden_edited.jpg

Craig Burden
International Sportsman

I was very fortunate to have started working with Danielle early on in my rugby career, as I soon realized the importance of individualized dietary advice for a professional athlete. This allowed me to perform optimally, maximize recovery and essentially reduce the risk of injury, resulting in a lengthy career. I would certainly recommend her to any aspiring athlete 

Odwa Ndungane_edited_edited.jpg

Odwa Ndungane
International Sportsman

I really enjoyed that Danni would tailor my plan to suit what I needed at the time.


It was always a great pleasure interacting and working with Danni.

Colleen eddles.JPG

Colleen Eddles

Thanks to Danielle I have lost my unwanted weight and I now make the right choices and embrace an ongoing healthy life style!

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