A health&lifestyle program based on your own DNA blueprint.

Not one person's DNA is the same, so how can you expect

one lifestyle program to work for all.


"Today the world is fact based, with watches that tell us every movement, adding a clear understanding of what works for me ( DNA),  and ensuring the approach taken to your own personal health is scientific and fact based, measuring your performance and adjusting as your daily stresses and goals change, just makes sense.

It worked for me, what great results.

Thank you Danielle for ensuring I’m the best version of myself I can be."

Hilton Loring - CEO Meridian Group.

Danni's career in numbers.


Personalised DNA feedback sessions done.

14 400

Hours of coaching through nutrition, exercise and lifestyle interventions.


Pro-athletes guided to reach peak nutrition performance potential.

18 000

In-hospital patients assisted for chronic diseases of lifestyle.


Business elite’s coached towards a healthier lifestyle.


Option 1

-DNA Test.

-60 minutes feedback session (1 month after test).

-20-30 minutes consult after 30 days.

Total Cost:          R6000.00

Option 2

DNA test, feedback session and follow ups (5 months program).

Session 1:        45 minutes.

Getting to know you - medical history, current lifestyle, goals, current eating plan. We will also do the DNA swab, and make any changes to your lifestyle at the start.

Session 2:        60 minutes.

DNA report & feedback session. This includes a lifestyle and nutrition plan tailored to your DNA blueprint.

Session 3:         30 minutes.

Follow up within 30 days to track progress and assist with any challenges. Focusing on habits & systems.

Session 4:         30 minutes.

Follow up within 30 days to track progress and assist with any challenges.

Session 5:         30 minutes.

Follow up for any questions, life hacks, potential changes and new ideas for lifestyle changes.

Total Cost:  R11800.00


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