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Designing a Healthy Lifestyle

Holistic wellness to increase your Healthspan

My Unique Philosophy

The Full Story

Danielle is a Registered Dietitian and Qualified Chef. I am passionate about helping people make changes in their lifestyle to create a healthier version of themselves. I use a holistic approach in my practice, believing that there are four pillars to achieve optimal wellness. Proper nutrition, good movement, sound sleep and a healthy mindset are all key in designing a healthier healthspan. Putting life into your years by simple, easy-to-follow guidelines is what I strive to achieve with my clients.



Holistic Lifestyle Design

Personalised advice.

Online consultations.

Local or International.

DNA Testing

Tailoring lifestyles to your genetics.

Sports Nutrition Education

Performance nutrition.

You have definitely changed my life, and helped me make these small life changes that have impacted me in every different area of my life.

Angela Hill,
Olympic Athlete

Acai Bowl

"Settle into your systems rather than dream about your goals"


The First 70 Days ~ AJ & Danni